Chuma Somdaka is a 31 year old South African artist from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. She is disabled due to her leg being amputated above the knee and is currently homeless and sleeps in the Company’s Gardens in Cape Town, where she does her drawing and sketching.


Chuma has a passion for visual arts and design and one day hopes to study for a degree in the field. You can find Chuma sitting on Government Avenue in Cape Town displaying her artwork. She says visual art is a gift that continues to grow as she draws and sketches portraits of the street people who are happy and willing to have her sketch them for sale in the gardens.

artist“It helps me clear the bad energy around me and centre myself. It also enables me to have self control in my day to day lifestyle, by allowing me to create something out of nothing. Seeing my art bring joy or insight to an individual is priceless & gives me joy.”

Chuma Somdaka