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Metallic Inks

Metallic Inks

A first in South Africa and for digital printing. Introducing our Metallic Gold, Silver & Clear dry inks. Add sparkle and shine. Highlight your logos & graphic elements with our stunning metallic effects. Enhance the look of your image with metallic overlays. Bring eye-catching value of metallic inks to personalised communications to add even more pop to your print.

Wheather you need a few or many, produce digital metallic effects without the cost-per-page or concerns associated with custom foil stamp dyes and time consuming offset methods.

Gold or Silver can be used on virtually any application

  • brand managed logos
  • photo applications, greeting cards & books
  • specialty media & packaging applications
  • brand managed logos
  • business cards
  • certificates

Or why not try our clear inks.  Clear ink allows you to add new dimensions to output using spot flood or textured effect.
Flood an entire page for sheen and protection with a varnish effect.
Use clear application to make specific elements pop or apply authentic marks.
Magnify dramatic dimensional effect by adding clear ink.
Used for security prints.

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