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Menu Printing at Wizardz Cape Town

For restaurant owners, one of the most important things, besides the food experience, is your menu.

It’s the first impression you make on a hungry customer, and invariably the last. Picking up a tacky poor quality. Badly designed menu will leave a literal bad taste in your clienteles’ mouths.

Your menu needs to be original, designed to last many hands and enticing in its design.

Wizardz are experts at menu design and menu printing, so if you’re looking for a full colour, black and white, or something more exotic, we can supply something fitting to your dreams. (Why not try out our New Metallic gold, silver and clear dry inks)

Our state of the art digital equipment will ensure your final product is ready to wow and delight.

If you are not feeling creative, then our cutting edge design team will assist with ideas on design, advise on printing and finishing and what will work best to keep your customers coming back for more.

Your menu is your Food CV – Let us help you get the job done.

Keep your menus up to date and in good condition!

Food menu printing

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