Posters are made for dozens of purposes; it can be commercial, business-related or even domestic. You can design a poster for your upcoming event, to promote a product sale or even to decorate your children’s bedroom. However, designing a poster that stands out can be a tricky job.

There are a few things which should be kept in mind while creating your poster printing project. Here’s a list to help you make fabulous posters.

Purpose and Message

Clearly know the purpose of the poster, whether it is being used for the sake of promoting a concert or about a new product on sale this weekend. You have to be very clear about the message that is being communicated by the poster, and it should not confuse the audience.


The colour scheme for a poster should also be chosen carefully. Colors are also chosen on the basis of purpose as well as the people interested in the events of posters. For example, if it is a poster for a an event, you should go for bright and eye-catching colours. Colour selection for posters is crucial because it leaves a huge impact on the audience. Choose the colors according to the requirement of your posters, and you are guaranteed to get a good response from your audience.

Know Your Audience

You can’t design a poster without knowing your audience properly. You have to know about the preferences and likes of the audience you are designing the poster for. It will also help you design the poster and decide the content for the poster. Children’s posters requires you to add cartoon characters or bright colors while a poster for parents has different requirements.

Use of Text and Images

Always use the text which is appropriate and to-the-point in a poster. Using too much text on the poster is not recommended. Images used in posters should always be saved in the high quality of 300 dpi and CMYK format because low-quality images can look good on screen but when expanded for posters they become blurry. 

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