The 3 most popular booklet binding options:

We take a detailed look at the 3 most popular booklet binding options for your booklets and what’s the best way to get your files to us! They each have their Pros & Cons, so read up to learn more so that you can make an accurate decision as to what best suits your next project!

Wiro Bound

With wiro binding, pages are stacked & hole-punched along the left or top edge. A wire is then fed through the holes, binding the pages together. Wiro bound books open totally flat and fold all the way back around, which one of its huge boons.

Making them perfect for instruction manuals or any documents by hand a hand free approach.

Wiro Booklet Binding

Where to use them:

Presentation documents, teaching aids, instruction manuals, recipe books and custom notebooks.

Page Extent

Wiro bound booklets can up to 360 printed pages (180 pages printed double sided) with a minimum of four leaves.

Booklet Size

Many sizes – Chat to our sales team and see what fits best for your project.

Printing Tips

Wiro bound books require a safe area of 12mm at the bound edge. Supply your artwork as a single multi-page pdf saved as individual pages from the cover to the back and include any blank pages as they would appear as well. Covers can be laminated or a clear acetate can be added on top of the cover and backing board to the rear for extra protection.

Saddle stitched booklets

For saddle stitched books, the pages are bound together with staples (or wires) along the folded spine. These look very professional with the added benefit of being a cost-effective alternative, making them a popular choice with our customers.

Saddle Stitched Booklet Binding

Where to use them:

Brochures, catalogues, event programmes, newsletters and information booklets.

Page Extent

Saddle stitched booklets are perfect for any documents that are 8 to 64 pages.

Booklet size

There are many different sizes for your booklet, ranging from 120mm square to A4 in square, portrait and landscape formats.

Printing Tips

150gsm for the internal pages and 250gsm for the cover with lamination on the outside is the most popular combo. Though, 130gsm is recommended for your internal pages if your booklet is more than 28 pages.

Saddle stitched booklets are made from folded spreads, each spread is folded to make 4 printed pages, so the final number of pages must be divisible by 4.

Supply your artwork as a single multi-page pdf saved as individual pages going in sequence from your cover (page one) to the end of your book and include any blank pages as they would appear as well, they’ll appear in the finished book

Perfect / PUR bound books

Perfect / PUR bound books consist of single leaves that are stacked in a squared-off block, then glued together along the rear edge of the pages. The cover is then wrapped around and bonded to the spine.

Perfect binding produces books or documents that close completely flat. We can even print on the spine, which works brilliantly for display & stacking purposes.

Perfect | PUR Booklet Binding

Where to use them:

Brochures, magazines, texts books, reference books and novels.

Page Extent

Perfect bound books can be used for any book or document ranging from 64 pages to 700 pages.

Booklet size

Perfect bound books are available in the same sizes as saddle stitched booklets, ranging from 120mm x 120mm up to A4.

Printing Tips

The cover and inner pages are produced separately, for this reason, you’ll need to supply one pdf for the inside covers and one for the internal pages.

Save the cover as a flat spread with spine and the internal pages as a multi-page pdf saved as single pages in running order.

Leave a safe area of at least 12mm between text and the inside of each page next to where it will be bound on your artwork, as bound books don’t open completely flat!

From ordinary to extraordinary!

From information booklets to magazines, event programmes to novels, booklet printing is the ideal platform to showcase your brand, especially if you choose one of these popular booklet binding options. Enquire with our Sales team or retail staff with regards to the various options available to you and add that bit “extra” to your next project taking it from ordinary to extraordinary!

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