by Stean Bester Stean Bester

Here are 5 tips to keep your print in excellent condition.

Canvas prints have become one of the most popular types of personalized wall decoration in recent years. Whether it is a holiday memory, a wedding print or a loved family member, your personalized canvas print is something that you will cherish forever.

Direct sunlight is a no-no
Keep your print out of direct sunlight. Although professional printing companies will use UV-resistant inks it is still the most common reason for inks fading over time.

Large temperate changes
Keep your print away from direct sources of temperature fluctuations. One of the most common places to hang a canvas print is over a fireplace, unfortunately, this is also one of the most detrimental places. To get the best quality finish professional printers only use 100% cotton canvas and wooden stretcher bars. These two materials are natural and therefore are sensitive to heat and moisture. Constant exposure to heat will make the cotton and frame excessively dry which will eventually lead to the destruction of the canvas and frame.

Humidity and dampness
Avoid moist or humid areas. Like tip 2 above, moisture and humidity will have a detrimental effect on your canvas. Dampness on the canvas or frame can lead to mildew and molds which will ruin the print.

Clean and tidy is the way to go
Dust your canvas print regularly to prevent the build up of dirt. The easiest way to keep your canvas clean is to dust it using a feather duster or a very light paintbrush. Never use water, polish or solvents to clean your canvas. Try and use a natural duster or brush as this will prevent the canvas from being statically charged which will attract more dust.

Fingerprints or residue
Avoid touching your canvas with your hands as much as possible. Too much handling of the canvas will result in fingerprints and smudges being left on the surface which will detract from the beauty of your print. Whenever possible use cotton gloves when touching the print and always handle the canvas by the sides rather than the front.

Canvas prints from photos are perfect for capturing and cherishing your memories. Using the tips above your canvas will bring joy to you and others for many years.

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