Four Tips for Flyer Marketing Success

Flyer Marketing Cape Town

Flyer marketing is a great tool for just about every business. They not only allow you to properly introduce your services, but they also allow you to clearly communicate what it is that sets you apart from your competition.

Due to their form, they also allow you to easily pass them out. Below are four tips to ensuring that you get the most from your flyer marketing campaign.


Images are the first thing that captures someone’s attention when looking at a flyer. Ensure that the images you include on your flyers are representative of your brand. By including images on your flyer, you have a better chance of relating to them as well as being able to add a little personality that your copy cannot do. The layout of your flyer should something that is easy on the eye. By having a layout that is easily viewable, you are better able to communicate your ideas, as well as get more information to the prospect.


Make sure that the copy you include on your flyer is short and to the point. All copy should revolve around a few main points. These main points should not only let the recipient know that your company is the best, but should also inform them of what sets you apart from the rest.


Including testimonials in your marketing collateral always helps. By including one or two lines of real-life testimonials, people will be able to better relate to the customer. It also shows the customer how effective your product or service truly is. Remember that your testimonials should always include some piece of identifying information, such as the full name, city, and sometimes age, depending on what business you’re in.

Mass Distribution

Flyer distribution is the most important step to implementing a successful campaign. The distribution method should not only be seen as a way to clearly connect with your prospect, but also seen as a way to form a relationship with your potential customers. As a result, try and see where your prospects frequent and go to them.

Before printing 1000’s of flyers, start by asking friends or co-workers their opinion of your flyer and its design. See where your flyer can be made better and then see how you can apply that information.

When you are done, be sure that you distribute your flyer to as many people as possible. As with all marketing campaigns, usually only a small percentage of people respond. When it comes to flyers, the more you distribute, the more calls you will get – guaranteed!

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