Designing and Printing with White

The Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press combines the value of highly automated, agile, digital production with exceptional image quality and amazing embellishment effects. This press makes it easy to unleash the potential of print and achieve remarkably brilliant results.

Now, with the option of HD EA White Dry ink, Iridesse unlocks new creative design expressions on a wider range of media. HD EA White Dry ink can be placed in either of the press’ specialty stations.

As an underlay, white helps CMYK images, graphics and text pop on darker materials. As an overlay, it produces stunning spot speciality effects. It can also be loaded in both stations to apply two hits of white in a single pass with spot-on registration.

If you’re interested in learning how graphics need to be prepared for printing with white, take a deeper dive into the design process and adjustments needed in this video:

If you have an existing design that you would like to change to print with white, our team of graphic designers can help make adjustments to your artwork to get it ready for the Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press. To print your design in white, click here to get a quote.