Get the Look You Want With Custom Printed Wallpaper

Custom printed wallpaper cape town

Shopping around for wallpaper can be frustrating and customers are typically disappointed by the lack of design choices that are available. An excellent alternative to shopping around for the perfect wallpaper design is to have your own customised wallpaper printed. It may sound extreme but it’s surprisingly affordable and allows you complete freedom to decide how your room will look once it’s completed.

Customised wallpaper lets you do more than just select the most appropriate colour. You can opt to have a picture orWallpaper printing cape town image of your choice printed on the paper so that it displays from one edge of the wall to the other and from the very bottom to the very top.

Wallpaper on a feature wall can really make the difference to the room. Anything from a photograph of a tree-lined promenade or a beach at sunset to a fantasy or historical scene can be used to create an incredibly dramatic look. Alternatively, you can choose something slightly more mundane with customised wallpaper essentially enabling you to decide on your own wallpaper look. You get to choose the colours that are used and the effects that are added.

Your measurements will need to be as accurate as possible in order to ensure that you get the best results. When measuring the wall it is always advisable to take several measurements across the wall as well as several from the top to the bottom. This helps ensure that when the wallpaper is printed, it will adequately cover the entire wall including any differences along the way.

Customised wallpaper is one of the most unique ways to decorate any room. By ensuring that you use good quality paper and then have your own design applied to it you can find the perfect look for any room, from your office or nursery to the kitchen or bathroom.

At Wizardz, our custom printed wallpaper model allows you to choose any image or pattern and turn it into a stunning wallpaper feature. Visit our wallpaper printing page for more info or a quick quote.