silver1No, this is not the start of a bad joke but part of a true Cape Town story. Wizardz Print and Design has been serving businesses and people in the heart of Cape Town for a quarter of a century and in those 25 years some well-known names have come through the doors.  One of those names is Chuck Norris. In its own way, Wizardz has a claim to fame on this one.

In the early days, when even humble black and white copy machines were the domain of large corporates Copy Wizardz as it was called was one of a handful of places that provided print and copy services.  Starting out small with a store in Gardens Centre, Copy Wizardz prided itself on outstanding customer service and professionalism. Speed, quality finishing and outstanding customer service were the trademark and that trademark has stood the test of time.

Great service and good quality soon proved Cape Town is very small and the word spread faster than a veld fire in summer. Keeping things simple and adding creativity is what Copy Wizardz did, and affordability became the watchword. A Lot has changed in 25 years and Wizardz is a lot more than simple copying and faxing. Today Wizardz print and design under the ownership of Andrew Pittaway and still offers the standard print, copy and fax but now provides large format printing, flatbed printing, finishing and binding.  Graphic design is now also offered.

Great staff who understands good service are still employed. Some of the staff on the team have been with the company since the start sharing their knowledge and passion with all team members and every customer.

For any business to survive 25 years is something special, and it is the combination of great service, innovation and keeping up with the times that has been the secret of Wizardz.  In those 25 years, Wizardz has been the place to go for “print, copy fax” as it was once called for people from all walks of life.  In a quarter of a century, it seems that if Chuck Norris uses Wizardz then others will follow. The company has seen many local and international names and faces use the facility including: Helen Zille, Marc Lottering, Jeremy Mansfield, David Kramer and South Africa’s own first lady Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout.  International celebrities other than Chuck Norris that have relied on Wizardz include: Sam Neil, Aki Aleong and Colin Firth.

It could be very easy to rub shoulders with the rich and famous at Wizardz and the chances of doing today have increased.  In the last few years, Wizardz has expanded with equally friendly and professional branches in the V & A Waterfront, Tygervalley, Constantia Village and our newest location Stellenbosch celebrating its first birthday this February. One would be forgiven for believing that with the growth of home and office technology and equipment prices dropping that the need for Wizardz has declined. The truth is the opposite and Wizardz has met the demand and will continue to do so.

Having started out small today Wizardz is recognised as one the leaders in printing and finishing in Cape Town. The reputation of quality and reliability, the reason why Chuck Norris used the company, is such that companies off all sizes rely on Wizardz not just for printing and copying but advice. It is not uncommon for the Wizardz team to be asked about the strangest of things relating to print, ink or paper and as always Wizardz are keen to help.

In 25 years one soon becomes the name on the tip of the tongue and today even that tongue is also looked after. When you come into a Wizardz store today you not only meet the experts when it comes to printing and paper but now you can be treated to some of the best coffee in Cape Town in our buzzing Gardens Branch. Growing with the times, adjusting to demands and pleasing customers all the time is what Wizardz does.

So, next time you need something printed or copied do what Chuck Norris did and pay a visit to Wizardz. You will soon see what 25 years in the business means and you will soon know why Wizardz is the extra pair of hands many people and companies rely on – yes, even Chuck Norris needs help sometimes.