A flyer is the best way to communicate what your business or product has to offer.

However, it is necessary to know the characteristics of effective flyer printing.

We have devised a few points to let you know about the do’s and don’ts of flyer printing. If you follow these tips your flyer will be easy to understand and appeal to your target audience.

Keep it Simple

Always try to keep your flyer as simple as possible. This does not only apply to the language used but also the design. It should be simple enough to catch the readers’ attention immediately. The general rule of thumb is a 3-second test which means the reader should catch the company name and call to action (CTA) in 3 seconds. One that passes the 3-second test is the perfect flyer for any purpose. That’s why keeping the flyer simple and understandable should be your top priority.

Don’t make unnecessary additions to your design, keep it short and simple. Do not overdo it by adding long paragraphs of text. The formula of “less is more” is applied here. Using pictorial descriptions can be more useful because a person can get an idea of what you’re promoting with a quick glimpse.

Call to Action (CTA)

Flyers should have a clear message for the reader which means they should clearly state what a reader needs to do after reading them. Always keep in mind what you want from your reader, whether it is to order a product, make an appointment for a consultation, or reserve a seat at your restaurant. Clearly state on the flyer what you need them to do and you have your call to action prepared.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Your flyer could be the first impression for your business and that’s why it should be flawless. Be it the time spent on the design, the readability or the quality of the print.

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