What better way is there to promote your business than by brochure printing and distribution? Say you want to have your annual sale, if you compare a black-and-white flyer with a full-color brochure, which one do you think will capture more attention?

A full color brochure is a sure-fire way to promote your business. A brochure is a single-sheet document which comes in several sizes. It can be mailed or personally handed out to people and is considered as one of the best promotional materials. It is also a good selling aid.

Whether you need them as product flyer catalogs or as trade show handouts, a brochure is the best format to convey the message that you want to send out. Promotional brochures can create a lasting impression and they leave a powerful message to the minds of your prospective clients and customers.

Here are 6 steps to creating a stunning brochure:

1. Choose The Paper


Pick the right kind of paper to use. Whatever color, thickness and texture of paper that you choose, make sure that it incorporates the message that you want to give out in the brochure. It is also good to somehow match these with the company name and logo.

2. Write The Content

brochure content

On the back cover and on the succeeding pages of the brochure, you can write a brief company profile. Make sure that this shows the products and services that you offer so that people will learn about your company. Make the content as brief, concise and as informative as possible. Give out your company’s complete contact information: telephone number, fax number, address, e-mail and website.

3. Choose The Design

brochure design

When choosing the design for your brochure, do not forget to include the corporate logo, the name of the company and a brief tag line or slogan which would represent the products and services that you offer. Ideally, these should be on the front of your brochure. Keep it simple because you would want people to gain immediate interest so that they will get one of your brochures and actually read them. This is what mainly captures the attention of readers that is why you should focus on the design.

4. Choose The Right Folding Pattern And Paper Size

Even an insignificant factor like the number of folds can contribute to the general look, feel and functionality of your brochures. This enables you to create a more varied look, as compared to just the traditional 2-page leaflet.

5. Folds:

brochure folding pattern


  • Half-Fold – This is a single fold which provides four pages to print on.
  • Tri-Fold – This design contains left and right flaps which open further to reveal a message within. It creates a 6-page (3 front and 3 back pages) brochure. This style gives you more space to print out your company information.
  • Z-Fold – The brochure will open up like an accordion and this style leaves you with even more space for printed information.

6. Print ‘Em Out!

Brochure printing

Brochures are ideally printed in more than one color for better visual effect. You can either use the conventional offset printing or go digital. With the conventional method, you get a high standard print quality. With digital printing, you may print out a smaller volume in full color.

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