by Victor Victor

It’s that time of year again! Wow up your shop
with these awesome branding and marketing ideas!

 ✨ Let our wizardz add their print magic ✨
🛍 🛒to your projects for the craziness of Black Friday 🛒🛍

Vinyl Stickers

Have you ever used stickers on packaging boxes or a tissue paper wrap to keep it closed? If not – you should. Why not get Black Friday themed labels printed to advertise and pull the attention of prospective customers.

Window Vinyl

We also offer much larger vinyl prints that can be printed & cut to your specification for branding purposes. These work beautifully for shop windows. Either use them to liven up window displays or stick them on the window itself to give your store an impactful, yet temporary Black Friday theme.

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers and brochures are a great way to showcase multiple products and highlight your  Black Friday offerings. Help your customers come up with thoughtful and unique gift ideas. Flyers & Brochures can be produced in various sizes and page extents.


Need something larger than flyers or brochures to get your message across? Posters are one of the leading advertising channels — just look around when you go out for a walk. At every turn, you will see a poster used to advertise services, products and most importantly… all things Black Friday!

Tent Cards

Table tents should not just inform clients about an attraction, food item, product, or service — they should sell. Just like any other direct marketing piece, it’s not enough to say, “Hey, Look at me!” It should shout, “You have to get this now!” Create an enticing offer and measure your conversion with unique links and QR codes. Properly position table talkers for maximum benefit, for example, a restaurant or bar might want to strategically place a table tent advertising “Happy Hour – ALL DAY this Black Friday”


If you’re a retailer, why not select a few products in your store that would make great Black Friday specials and use wobblers to make these products stand out and grab the attention of your shoppers. Wobbler shapes and sizes can be customised, making them fun and creative.

Floor Decals

At Wizardz we use anti-skidding material for our floor decals to ensure it’s non-slip for all those that pass by. Placing these in a retail space or in the workplace turns the floor into yet another branded surface. This can be used to direct shoppers to certain parts of the store or to draw their attention to special offers, etc.

Hanging Banners

Hanging banners work well for both outdoor and indoor advertising. Our hanging banners are tough enough to withstand consistent use and are a cost-effective marketing option that can be made to your specifications. Hanging banners add a fun flair to any space and can be made in a variety of materials including Fabric, Correx and PVC. Hanging Banners are visible from a distance, so they’re great for calling attention to your Black Friday display area.

Pullup Banner

An ideal high impact and portable branding solution, Pull Up Banners are a great Black Friday marketing tool for retail businesses. Cost-effective and eye-catching, our Pull Up Banners are fully customisable to the colour and design of your choice. They’re also easy to store and re-use next year as they come with a handy carry bag for the whole mechanism!

X Banner

When you’re on a tight budget but still need that over the top WOW factor. An X-Banner is one of the lightest and most convenient displays to transport. It’s extreme light albeit the large eye-catching size and works well for those “pop-up” situations.

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