Banner Printing is now more than ever accessible to all

Why consider banner printing? What are vinyl or fabric banners good for?

Banners have become such a universally accepted medium of advertisement, promotion and information that some people think we have returned to the days of the Roman Empire. Banner printing was used for centuries as an attention-grabbing and effective way of sending a message and informing the public.

Banner printing is an old idea that’s become new again. With the introduction of modern fabrics and vinyl materials, combinations and display methods, banner printing has never been more popular. Banners show the public in a broad expansive way that you are in business and that you are proud of what you have to sell. They provide the promotional ability to draw attention to upcoming art exhibitions, conferences or other events.

The printing process is continually being refined and improved upon. Even a few years ago, the process of printing banners was too pricey for a small entrepreneur to consider them for his fledgling business. The set-up costs did not allow a small business to recover its investment costs making the cost prohibitive for its needs. Those days have fortunately changed. Printing costs have shrunk dramatically with the onset of digital printing, allowing anyone under the sun to create a personalized design (though we do offer design services at competitive rates) for their company or personal needs.

banner printing

How many grand opening sales have you seen with a banner outside the front door? These attention-getting banners are a result of banner printing technology ever-evolving becoming more cost-effective and more accessible. Just about every shop has the ability to add them to their promotional arsenal,  utilizing these banners, either inside or outside their store.

Having a banner printed is an important investment with some of their mechanisms being able to be reused, cutting costs down even more! By refreshing and reworking your design you can be sure you’re getting something you can use and be proud of not only today but well into the future.

Wizardz Print and Design have been creating attention-grabbing banners for businesses in Cape Town for many years.
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A few examples of what we can offer you!

Black Friday Hanging Banner
Hanging Banners
Pop Up Banner
X Banners
Pull-up Banners
Pull-up Banners
Telescopic Banner

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