Not everything that looks like Gold is Gold and Wizardz have taken things to a completely new level when it comes to the precious metals. Silver and gold have long been the symbols of wealth, luxury and quality and now you can add that same look and feel to your printed items.

Over the years, there have been many ways to add a metallic look or even real metal to artwork, paperwork and design. Adding plate or embossed metallic print has been available for a number of years and has become more affordable. In the past gold and silver on paper was the reserve of royalty and the wealthy, letterheads often used real gold. Today anyone can have the Gold and Silver look.

However, the whole Gold and Silver, metallic look was for a long time still limited to spot coverage such a letters or small parts of the design. It was just not cost-effective to produce large layers of lookalike metal and thus it remained.

Wizardz Print and Design like to be at the forefront of technology, innovation and design. It is this very fact that has kept them in business for 25 years and the approach has never changed. Keeping a close eye on technology and trends has allowed Wizardz to spot fads, fly by night ideas as well as printing solutions that are revolutionary. One of the revolutionary printing solutions that has emerged is the introduction of Metallic inks.

This is a first in South Africa and Wizardz can now print Gold and Silver that looks like Gold and Silver. Imagine the potential. Wizardz has and this is why Metallic ink printing is now available. Logos can get a makeover and certificates can now shine of Gold or Silver in their design. With metallic ink printing, the days of trying to find a colour that resembles gold or silver are over.

If you can imagine it printed on paper with a metallic look and feel Wizardz can produce it. Of course, we can give you some ideas such as uplifted business cards and logos, but there is so much more. Flyers and softcover booklets can have a real shimmer shine look to them and for jewellers… Can you imagine your brochures and flyers with a Gold or Silver touch? Wedding invitations can now be printed with added style where once in the past only a specialist printer could do the task.

Gold and Silver can wow and woo your customers, the association of luxury, quality and class will never fade. Those feelings and emotions can now be conveyed on paper. With countless business and personal uses, Metallic Ink printing will change the way you present what you present to your customers and friends.