by Stean Bester Stean Bester

Canvas prints have become one of the most popular types of personalised wall decoration in recent years. It has become very easy to create your own unique canvas print. Whether it is a holiday memory, a wedding print or a loved family member, your personalised canvas print is something that you will cherish forever.

Here are 5 important tips to consider before printing your photo on canvas.

1. Image Quality

High vs Low Image Quality

The most important factor in ensuring that your canvas comes out great is the image quality. Make sure that the image you decide to use is a high-resolution image to prevent losing quality when the image is enlarged. If you are using an older image, it is recommended to have it retouched on photo editing software to make sure it looks good on canvas

2. Canvas Shape and Size

Canvas size can make or break your project. Before you order your print, take some time and consider what size is going to fit and look good in your home. You can have any custom size printed, but remember that standard sizes A1 – A5 will be the most cost-effective.

3. Where It’s Going to Hang

Autumn colours canvas print

Consider where your canvas is going to hang. There’s no use ordering a large canvas print if the wall that you intend to hang it on does not have much space on it, and the same for ordering a small canvas if the wall is very big.  Also, make sure that the image that you chose goes with the colours and design of the rest of the room.

4. How Much Do You Like the Photo?

Canvas printing cape town

If you’re going to create a custom canvas print, you are probably going to hang it somewhere you’re going to see it often. Make sure that the photo that you choose to have printed is one that you enjoy looking at and that you won’t get bored with.

5. Let Wizardz Help You

If you’re unsure where to start, no problem! With our fantastic in-house design team, let us help you create some awesome print magic together. 

With the help of our friendly printing consultants at Wizardz, we can have the highest quality canvas printed in no time and at affordable prices.
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