Your business card design has a single objective, and that is networking. It should serve as a clear and easy-to-read reminder of your business. A business card may only provide you with a small space to work, but it can be designed for maximum impact.

When it comes to business card design best practices, there are a few “don’ts” to consider.

Let’s delve into what not to do when designing your business card:

Business Card Design Don’ts

1) Over the Top Typography

If a business prospect struggles to read your business card, they will throw it out, simple as that. Make sure that the font you use for your business card design is easy to read and in line with your brand identity. You may think that a pretty calligraphic and italic font looks attractive, but can it be read easily? Probably not.

Below we see an example of over the top typography, too many fonts and difficult to read the text:

business card typography fail

Always consider your client and potential client’s interaction with your branded marketing materials. You don’t want them to have to squint their eyes when trying to absorb your business information. Your business card content must be clearly displayed, legible and to the point.

2) Scarce Information

If you attend a networking function, you are sure to meet a lot of people in a short period of time. It is impossible to remember everyone and what they do. This is when business cards become a must. A person’s business card should reaffirm who is who and what is what. Therefore, certain details cannot be left off of business cards.

business card fails

Let us assume Joanne gave you her business card after a quick introduction and didn’t leave much of an impression. Then you get home and take a look at the above business card. Do you know what business Joanne is in? Do you know what “Lovely Essentials” even does? This lack of detail is confusing and will result in lost business for Joanne.

What Joanne should have done is to add her area of expertise.

See below example:

business card info

Now, if Joanne’s business card design stated her business expertise, she could have gotten your attention. Of course, your business card needs to include the usual content: business name, contact details and logo – but it also needs to remind your potential client of what you actually do!

This doesn’t even necessarily have to be done in text. You may choose to include an illustration or picture of the product or service you provide instead. The choice is entirely yours. Just make sure that when people view your business card, they know what your company actually does.

3) Awkward Sizes and Strange Shapes

It is always a great idea to think outside of the box when it comes to your marketing. Die-cut and uniquely shaped business cards are a great way to grab attention, but always consider your potential client when designing your card. Never forget who your target market is and what they do and don’t appreciate.

As a legal firm, would your client base take you seriously if you handed out weirdly shaped business cards that wouldn’t fit comfortably into any wallet?

Which business card would you take more seriously?

business card good shape

business card bad shape

A bright, curvy, fun design is great for those in the creative industry as the target market appreciates innovation and out of the box thinking. However, if you are a legal expert, this kind of outlandish design won’t exactly be embraced.

4) Poor Proofreading

If you received a business card with spelling errors, smudged ink, or cut off text – would you trust the business? Or would you think the business disorganized, unprofessional and sloppy? Probably the latter.

Spell check

It is important that you proofread your business cards properly before sending them off for print. Get a second eye to take a look at the text and speak to your printing company to ensure your design works with the printing process. Once you are 100 percent sure of your business card design and its content, sign it off and send it to print!

Got your business card design ready for printing?

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