Canvas prints provide a look and feel that is highly different from glossy prints. It allows you to turn virtually any image into an artwork, and adds depth, colour and style to your home. The possibilities are endless. Here are 10 great ideas for your first canvas print.

1. A fun trip or memorable holiday photo

Fun trip or holiday photo

If you’ve been on a memorable trip and have a favourite photo taken during

2. Family Photos

Family Photo Canvas

3. Photos of your hobbies

Hobbies on canvas

4. Personal Photography

Persona Photography Canvas

5. Dream Destinations

Dream Destination Canvas

6. Inspirational quote on canvas

Quote on canvas

7. Cool design or artwork printed on canvas

Art on Canvas

8. Your beloved pets

Pets on canvas

9. Nature photos

Nature photo on canvas

10. Nostalgic images

Nostalgic Image

If you are looking for the supreme quality canvas printing in Cape Town, then look no further. At Wizardz, our custom canvas printing model allows you to provide any image or design and we’ll turn it into a stunning canvas print. We also have access to 1000’s of stock images to choose from. Visit our canvas printing page for more info or to request a quick quote.